Monday, 17 August 2009

My ugly imaginary children

Okay, I am NOT obsessed already... My friend (Hi Graham) begged me to post this so he can laugh.
On a Michael Jackson forum I go on... they had a thread called "What would your babies with Michael look like" There is this website called so naturally I went to it, and uploaded a picture of myself.. and Michael to see what our imaginary crotch fruit would look like. Lets just say.. it's a good thing my marriage to Michael was a fantasy and NOT reality because the world would never forgive me for releasing this much monster spawn upon the nation!!
The girls are quite cute, but the boys........ ooohhhhh mumma!!

oh yeah, I blurred out my face because I posted the pictures on a forum :)

The boys

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Anonymous said...

LOL crotch fruit LOL They're quite cute too bless them all lol
Crotch fruit LOL

Cas said...


Anonymous said...

oh deary me. the girls are cut but the boys!! ha!! omg omg...

Anonymous said...

the first two kids are ok. the others are a bit freaky, no offence ok love. God bless your ugly pretend children lol.
love you jelly brains
Candy xxxx

Dana said...

Who do they get the freaky foreheads from, you or Mike? what a beautifully grotesque brood you have there jelly brains, you must be so proud!!
The third girl looks about 50 years old, and don't get me started on the boys... I love the first boys weird forhead and his receding, curly mullet type hairstyle

Monica said...

BAhahahahaha I lub baby number 4!! He looks so ugly he's cute!! and baby number 5 looks like he might grow up to kill!! LOL
Baby number 1 looks normal, number 2 has a hugely wide forehead and pointy chin... and number three has a elongated forhead LOL I kind of wish they really did exsist LOL LOL

what did you name the little darlin's?

TJ said...

That is just too creepy for words lol...

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