Friday, 21 August 2009

Just another portrait update

I have nothing to say. I'm going to bed in a moment, but here is an update on the portrait. It's going verrryyy slow haha. I took away the base colour because it was annoying me, you can see better how its going like this.

I Love working on the skin, and once I've finished that, I will start on the hair. When the hair is finished, I have to do the clothes... which I hate haha. That is usually the thing that makes me give up on a painting, I just find it so mundane and boring to do clothes, its the faces that I love.


KarenF said...

WOW that is coming along fantastically!

Monica said...

These are great WIP pictures, this is going to look so realistic, but Karina! I am going to smack your bum if you DONT start signing these!! protect your work girl!
Love you

Graham said...

The skin is is starting to look very real. I know it takes ages, but what a result!
I'll be watching out for more updates.

Nina-Louise said...

wow this is excellent, it is looking fantastic, keep going girl pants.

Devilishly Angelic said...

Thanks people, and Mon, I did it to the most recent one so.... shhhh lol.
Thank you for commenting.

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