Sunday, 23 August 2009

How are you feeling?

This is to answer the question in the title. It's a question everybody asks... but here is my answer.

This is the best way I can explain how I feel....

I feel like I am in the ocean, the current is pulling me under, and I am not strong enough to swim to safety myself. I am crying out, and yet nobody even looks my way to notice that I am suffering. I am struggling against the current, but I’m getting weaker and weaker, and still, nobody is noticing.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, you sound utterly desperate! Honey I have told you to make use of me, that I will do anything I possibly can for you. For pities sake I would rather be in that ocean with you so I can at least keep you company!
I am here for you Karina, made for you. Use me.
I love you.

KarenF said...

aww honey. Don't feel like that; we are all throwing you a lifeline but you have to grab hold.
I love you sweetheart xx

Anonymous said...

oh bless you sweetheart

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