Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Michael Jackson Portrait

Okay.... so the early morning walk never happened!! Hahaha

This is a portrait I’m working; it’s of Michael Jackson, as if you need me to tell you that...I’m still working on it right now, but if I wait until I’m finished to show you, it won’t get shown for a very very long time... and I wanted to show work in progress pictures.
I know it looks messy and kind of crappy... but it will pull together in the end lol.

The first picture is the sketch, which is always a mess when I do it.

Then I lay down the base skin colour, I always put this on roughly, and tidy it up as I go along.

Next is the eyes, I start with the white of the eye, and then do the iris, pupil etc. I always start with the eyes first, because they need to be right before you move onto the skin, hair, clothes etc. If the eyes are not positioned right, and coloured correctly, it is going to look wrong, I spend a lot of time trying to get the right emotion into the eyes.

Then I begin working on the nose. The eyes are not finished yet... I WILL keep going back to them, but the important bits are done with...

I’ll show more of this as I go along *smiles* I'll keep working on this right now. I am in agony at the moment so, keep still helps and at least by painting, I can keep my mind occupied and focused on something other than pain. ermm.... thanks for reading.


Cas said...

Thats excellent baby! keep going on it and you'll do really really well. I love it already!

Why are you in pain :( poor thing, look after yourself please!
Cas xx

Graham said...

Even though you said you haven't finished the eyes, to me they already look so real! Seriously clever.
The whole thing is taking shape so well you should be proud of yourself.
I am so looking forward to seeing more updates and then the finished article. So clever.
Love you my angel,

Anonymous said...

oawww awww that is the bomb! for sure girly you should sell this stuff. it's looking fantastic already, keep going with it

Genevieve said...

Jelly Brainz!!!!

Why don't you come on the forum any more? I miss you!!! I love this so much, How much do I need to pay when it's finished? :)

Anonymous said...

oh I want it.

Monica said...

Oh this is looking excellent, but baby, watermark these, even though they are WIP pieces, you know people can be crazy and claim it as their work. When you show us the next updates, water mark them, or sign them or something sweetie

TJ said...

This is fantastic. He would be so proud of you little girl :)

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