Saturday, 6 March 2010

Finished Paintinig - Mikayla

Done in Photoshop all with a mouse, I was too lazy to put new batteries in the graphics tablet pen.
This took me 5.5 hours. Maybe a little longer.

can't be bothered to make another blog post so i'll update this one.
This is another one I'm working on, Blanket Jackson. This one is being done with large brushes, and with a tablet.

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Anonymous said...

awwwwwww shes adorable. great painting

Karen said...

beautiful both of them.

Anonymous said...

my gosh!! they are stunning. The one of Blanket in particular is just breath taking. Can I buy it?

Anonymous said...

As usual, your talent shines. They're really good honey.

Michael said...

You have such a talent my dear, truely you do.
I really really love them

Anonymous said...

:D awesome sweetie

Devilishly Angelic said...

Thanks guys

Anonymous said...

awesome. Could you do one of my daughter?

Voices From Beyond said...

That is stunning. Are you going to do Jada and Damien too? and Paris and Prince? I would love a painting of my dog, do you do animals?

Michaels Sister said...

wonderful girly!
I love the one of my little niece. It really captures her cheeky smile. Did you show mother yet?
How old is "Blanket" Are MJ's kids a similar age to our three little ones?
Love you
Rashelle xx

Mommyof6 said...

Oh Tink how wonderful are they! I must get you to do one of my kids. They have grown so much I must send you a picture of them.

dead crusty pirate said...

Goodness there is so much emotion in the painting of Blanket. The skin tone is so life like. I wonder what he is thinking about.

Devilishly Angelic said...

thanks for the nice comments guys. It means a lot for me.

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